We’re looking forward to translating the magic of the live conference into a virtual gathering. Although there’s no replacement for being together in the flesh, we believe our first virtual conference will conjure much of the Bioneers experience and shine a powerful beam of light into this broken world.

Please note that your conference registration provides both live and on-demand access for the duration of the conference to keynote and panel sessions. Participatory/Interactive Sessions will not be available on-demand.

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How to Register:

  1. Choose a ticket price that fits your situation. 

    The Bioneers Conference is not a source of profit. Our registration rates are deeply subsidized to make the experience available for people from all walks of life. To support building an inclusive movement, we are offering three price-points along with a no-cost scholarship option. Please note that we cannot accept registration from anyone under the age of 14. 

    At root, all financial exchanges are based on trust and we ask you to please register at the price you can afford and know your purchase is part of the Bioneers community traditions of access, diversity and inclusivity.  When you Pay It Forward by buying a higher-priced ticket, you make it possible for someone who shares your commitment but has more limited funds to join in the movement.

    If you need full scholarship support, please apply by clicking this link. You will hear from Bioneers regarding your application shortly.  

  2. After selecting a price, please choose the day(s) you would like to attend. 

  3. Indicate whether you would like to add an Interactive Session (additional fees apply). If yes, please select ONE session for each day you are attending. 

  4. Consider donating to support our extensive scholarship program. 

  5. Check Out. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Keynotes & Panels*

  • Saturday, December 5th Keynotes & Panels (10:30 - 1:45 PST)

    Feat. Bakari Kitwana, Paul Stamets, Chloe Maxmin

    Price $28.00

  • Sunday, December 6th Keynotes & Panels (10:30 - 1:45 PST)

    Feat. Cutcha Risling Baldy, Thom Hartmann, Vanessa Daniel

    Price $28.00

  • Saturday, December 12th Keynotes & Panels (10:30 - 1:45 PST)

    Feat. Trathen Heckman, john a. powell, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Jamie Margolin

    Price $28.00

  • Sunday, December 13th Keynotes & Panels (10:30 - 1:45 PST)

    Feat. Mari Margil, Thomas Linzey, Leah Penniman, Mark Plotkin

    Price $28.00

Contribute to John Mohawk Scholarship Fund:
Help us invite diverse, worthy and essential voices to Bioneers’ first online conference. Your generous donation funds scholarships for leaders from all walks of life whose resources are many, but whose funds are few: engaged youth, Indigenous peoples, educators, seniors, caregivers, organizers and community-based change-makers. We are committed to removing financial barriers so that leaders of all ages, colors, backgrounds and classes can come together at Bioneers to co-create an inclusive, life-affirming, equitable and healthy society. Invest in our current and future leaders! Please give what you can and give generously.



The following optional section contains demographic questions that help Bioneers understand our audience. Thank you for helping us serve our community better. All answers will be kept confidential and shared, if ever, only in aggregate (e.g. “The age range of Bioneers attendees is from x to y”).

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